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Selected Publications



American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013) [paperback edition 2014].

Read reviews of American Zion in the  Journal of the Early Republic; The Journal of American History; The New England Quarterly; Reviews in American History; The Journal of Southern History; Church History; in Common-Place.

Rome Reborn on Western Shores: Historical Imagination and the Creation of the American Republic (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2009).

For review of Rome Reborn on Western Shores in the American Historical Review click here

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

“Our Federal Sun: Planetary Politics Before the Civil War,” American Political Thought 7:2 (2018), 189-215.

“Ben Hur’s Rome: From Virtuous Republic to Tyrannous Empire,” in Bigger than Ben Hur: The Book, Its Adaptations, and Its Audiences, Barbara Ryan and Milette Shamir (eds) (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2015), 36-61

“Evil Councilors, Corrupt Traitors, and Bad Kings: The Hebrew Bible and Political Critique in Revolutionary America and Beyond,” in Dustin Gish and Daniel Klinghard (eds.), Resistance to Tyrants, Obedience to God: The Mutual Influence of Religion and Reason at the American Founding (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2015), 105-124.

“The New Israel: The Early American Republic as a Biblical Nation,” Historia 34:4 (2014), 107-138.

“‘A Republic Amidst the Stars’: Political Astronomy and the Intellectual Origins of the Stars and Stripes,” Journal of the Early Republic 31:1 (Spring 2011), 39-73

“‘Written in the Style of Antiquity’: Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770-1830,” Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture 79:4 (December 2010), 800-826.

“Jefferson’s Classical Silence, 1774-76: Historical Consciousness and Roman History in the Revolutionary South,” in Thomas Jefferson, the Classical World and Early America, Peter Onuf and Nicholas Cole (eds.), (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2011), 219-247.

“A Perfect Republic: The Mosaic Constitution in Revolutionary New England, 1775-1788” New England Quarterly 82.2, 2009, pp. 253-263.

“The Missing Revolution: 1776 in Light of the Totalitarian Democracy,” History of European Ideas 34.2, June 2008, pp. 158-168.

“Revive, Re-new and Reestablish: Mordecai Noah’s Ararat and the Limits of Biblical Imagination in the Early American Republic,” The American Jewish Archives Journal 62:1 (2010), pp. 1-20.

“Empire Transformed: Britain in the American Classical Imagination, 1758-1783,” Early American Studies 4.1, 2006, pp. 112-146.

“Ancient Masks, American Fathers: Classical Pseudonyms during the American Revolution and Early Republic,” Journal of the Early Republic 25.3, 2003, pp. 152-172.

“Historical Consciousness, the Classical World, and the American Revolution,” Historia 19, 2007, pp. 25-48 [Hebrew].

“The Rise of Democracy and the Decline of Republucan Privacy in the United States,” Zmanim 104 (2008) [Hebrew]

Reviews and other publications

“Capture the Flag: The Stars and Stripes in American History,” by Arneldo Testi, H-Net Nationalism

“The Chosen Peoples: America, Israel, and the Ordeals of Divine Election,” by Todd Gitlin and Liel Leibovitz, New England Quarterly (forthcoming).

“The Mirror of Antiquity: American Women and the Classical Tradition, 1750-1900,” by Caroline Winterer, Journal of the Early Republic 28, No. 1, 2008, pp. 154-158.

“A Comment on Christopher Tomlins, Transplants and Timing: Passages in the Creation of an Anglo-American Law of Slavery,” Theoretical Inquiries in Law Forum 10.2, 2009.

“Dr. Warren’s Ciceronian Toga: Performing Rebellion in Revolutionary Boston,” Common-Place 7.2, 2007.

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